If you have any questions, please refer to list below for guidance. If you have a question that is not on the list, or would like to discuss with us, please contact us. We would be delighted to help out. 

Where do I pick up the bike?

We bring the bikes to you at your home or your accommodation and pick them up again. Other locations can be accommodated, we are flexible so just contact us with your requirements.


Are helmets provided?

We strongly advise that you wear a helmet and other appropriate safety equipment and clothing. We have a small supply of helmets available if required. We are happy to recommend local bike shops who can provide further suitable items.


How far will a single charge take me?

Our E-Bikes are very modern with the best battery technology and typically ride up to 50-80 miles on one charge. However, there are a lot of factors that influence the assisted range such as levels of assistance, weight and terrain. All our bike have very clear power indicators to show level of charge remaining.


Where can I ride an electric bike?
Treat an electric bike just the same as a normal bike. You can ride an electric assisted bike anywhere you can ride your regular bike. Be it on the road or on local trails. Our bikes are designed for road and light off road use.

Do I need a license to ride an electric bike on the road?
No not at all, again treat it the same as a regular bike.

How long does it take to charge the battery?

Typically it takes 4.5 hours to charge the battery from flat.

Will your bikes move without pedalling, or have a throttle?
No, none of our bikes are fitted with a throttle. The are just like normal bikes but with extra assistance added automatically. You still need to pedal making it very normal to ride.

How fast will electric bikes go?
All electric bikes are governed by law to an assisted speed of 15mph. You, can of course, pedal the bike faster, however you will be using your own pedal power as the assistance will drop off at 15mph. 

What sizes of bike do you offer?

We have two sizes – Small / Medium (17”) and Medium / Large (19”) this means the bike should fit heights anywhere from 5ft to over 6ft.